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    Staggering email sends

    hayley youens

      I' in the process of setting up an email that will be sent to a large portion of our list. This will probably be about 5,000 records that are sent the email.


      As we're concerned how this will affect external system I wanted to stagger the send so only 200 or so receive the email initially, then everyone else will be sent this email when we're happy the systems can handle the load.


      Is there any way Marketo will allow me to stagger an email send? (Either as an email program or smart campaign?)

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          Macarena Mazzeo

          Hi Hayley,


          5,000 records is not a lot, so Marketo shouldn't have any problem dealing with this.


          If you still would like to send this email to a small portion of your database and then to the rest, you can do this in different ways.

          There is no out of the box way of doing this in Marketo, but below some ideas:


          - Create a Smart Campaign where you select the members you would like to send it to and a Random Sample (e.g. Member of List xxxx Random Sample x%). Then you can create another Smart Campaign that sends it do the rest of individuals by excluding the ones you already sent it to (e.g. Member of List xxx Was not sent email xxxx)


          - You can create 2 different email Programs (they are very quick to set up).


          - More ideas here: Sending e-mails in batches


          I hope this helps you!