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Smart Campaign Issue - Click link in email trigger capturing false "clicks"

Question asked by Michael Guanci on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Marketo Community,


I have run into an issue twice in the past month around email reporting that I haven't run into in the past 6-7 months since we started using Marketo.  Last week we sent out an email, and normally in a trigger smart campaign I use caused strange error.  Usually I setup the smart campaign as follows:



Clicks link in email trigger

add the link variant and choose the link that contains the actual asset.  This way we are only reporting and sending over to SFDC the true campaign responders to the appropriate SFDC campaign. 


Thankfully, for this email I didn't create a trigger campaign due to a time constraint and pulled a filtered version of this same smart campaign.  However, when the data came back it said over 9,000 people clicked on the link in the email.  This number jumped out because we usually have 2-3k responders for most of these asset emails.  When I submitted a ticket to support they came back saying "One thing we see in email reporting is that security or link scanner activity will register as a click in reporting, but does not indicate actual activity from the leads. Generally we can see this by looking at a lead's activity log, where a click will be registered prior to a delivery with no associated open."  I found this to be very alarming and when I followed up they said to ask on the community space as they didn't have a best practice to ensure something like this doesn't happen in the future.  Again, that response I found to be a little alarming that they don't have a workaround or best practice around an issue with their own software.


For this campaign, I did some additional filtering (some that came from support, others I came up with my own to try and narrow it down further):


My question to all of you is, have you run into this issue before?  And if so, what additional filters have you added to your smart campaigns in order to feel confident about the "true" click data versus the security scanned "clicks?"


I am mentioning Sanford Whiteman as I have followed your post responses and thought you might be able to shed some light on this issue (if you have run into in the past).  Anybody else that has any insight into this issue, I would love to hear your workarounds for this.


Thank you in advance for your responses.