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Leads fill out nicknames instead of legal names

Question asked by Itay Oved on Mar 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by e5a0e10e05682db6fc94b1133d7e84cfda908c0c


We have encountered a few cases of leads that fill out their nickname instead of their legal name in our application form.

Due to certain administrative processes, we cannot accept nicknames or any other names besides the leads legal name.

Currently, we don't have any warning or pop-up messages requesting to use the leads legal name.

Any suggestions on how should we approach this case? Should we use a hint text inside the name field or would a message or a warning line under the form be a better idea?

What do you think should be the wording? We think "legal" might be intimidating for some leads.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue before?


Thank you!