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Several day lag for some emails to display correctly in Email Insights

Question asked by Stephen Baker on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by Stephen Baker



Our Marketo instance appears to be experiencing odd behavior in email insights.


After setting up A/B tests using a random 50/50 split, the email shows up within email insights as a program ID when filtering by the smart campaign it exists under, but you cannot search for the email itself (i.e. it doesn't exist when filtering by email send).


This is the case for several days. I have set up two subject line tests in the past ~week and both are experiencing this... issue or intended effect, whichever it is. For the record, I haven't been able to see a timeline view of any A/B tests I've set up. We pull results from the API to determine winners but my workflow usually involves monitoring email insights for dips in volume, etc., as a QA process.


On occasion, I have found that newer, non-A/B emails (like newly created campaigns) experience the same "does not exist in email insights" when filtering by email send (for several days, not the supposed 8-24 hour delay).


Any thoughts or "insight" (heh, puns)? Similar experiences?


I have attached first activity date, how it displays when filtering by smart campaign and the flow steps involved in sending the message.