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Managing data from sister companies in one Marketo instance

Question asked by Jessica Leung on Mar 2, 2018
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Just wondering if anyone else has a similar lead management situation and what the best way is to handle it; I've got an idea but would be good to get feedback from others.


We're (Company A) looking to include our sister companies (Companies B and C) databases into Marketo, mainly for big company announcements, or a message from the CEO. These acquired companies operate separately from ours (they have their own marketing activities), so I would only want to include them into our general marketing comms/lead gen campaigns only if they've engaged via a download.


Would the best way to identify these leads who may originally be from Company B, but have engaged with Company A is via a check box for each company? So that going forward, for any company-specific lead gen/marketing comms from Company A, we could then apply the checkbox for Company A as a filter? And the original lead from Company B would be included?