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    How to make a field append only with no duplication?

    Cliff Lin

      We sell different lines of software to customers so we have a field called Product_Interest. However, i'm having difficulty dealing with these two criteria for setting up the field.

      1. The data appends instead of overwriting (Product A, Product B...etc)
      2. If the same data exists, it doesn't append(Product A for product interest and if they bought it again the field would remain (product A) instead of (Product A, Product A).

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You can do this with 2 fields and a webhook.


          You have the new interest {{lead.Last_Product_Interest}} plus the historical field {{lead.All_Product_Interests}}.


          Trigger on Data Value Changes to Last_Product_Interest.  In the flow, call a webhook, passing it the current values of both fields. The webhook handles the deduping and sends you back the new value of All_Product_Interests with just the unique names.


          Of course the other way is to simply use individual Datetime fields instead. They're cheap (in terms of storage) and give you more information. Each time somebody shows interest in a Product, set the Datetime field ({{lead.Product_A_Last_Hand_Raise}}, {{lead.Product_B_Last_Hand_Raise}}, etc.) to {{system.datetime}}. This way you know not only that someone has shown interest but when they were last interested -- a win-win.