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    Send to an email field in Marketo using API

    Phillip Wild

      Hi everyone


      We have two email fields in Marketo/Salesforce - Transactional Email and Subscriptions Email. One is used for marketing, one is used for transactional stuff related to a booking. So if we want to send a transactional email, we will need to ensure that the transactional email is in Marketo's "master" email field, and then send to that. If we then want to send a marketing email, we will need to switch the emails out ....and then send. Messy.


      So my question is - using the API, could we say "send this email to this person using the email value in this field", when that field isn't the Marketo master one? That would be super useful. And if not, is there another way to do this (besides the obvious of only have one email field )



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Philipp,


          Simple trick : use and send alert and add the secondary email field as a lead token in the "to other email", leaving the "Send to" empty.


          As this is for  operational emails only, this is acceptable.


          The other possibility is to use a proxy field :

          • when the person is booked, copy the "master" email to the proxy field.
          • Then copy the secondary email to the "master" email field
          • send the email
          • then copy the proxy field to the "master" email field to restore the primary email.


          Pay attention on how you handle any hard bounce that might occur when using the secondary email, it will set the email info as invalid, even if you restore the email to the primary value.


          At the end of the day, I would probably not use the API here.



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