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Embedded Wistia video not showing up?

Question asked by 9116ddd98611d31a48cdc08c6568b8a8c1cb8058 on Mar 1, 2018

Hi! Somewhat new to Marketo, so bear with me


I am working on embedding a Wistia video in to a LP.


I embedded the popover code (directly from Wistia) in to HTML in Marketo and the video is playing beautifully when I go to the URL.

However, the video is not visibly showing up on the landing page in Marketo when I am in edit mode. It's simply just a blank box.

Yet it shows perfectly fine when I preview the page or visit the actual URL.


Any ideas?


Also, I am having trouble getting this video to transfer over to mobile view. Does anyone know if you have to have a different code for mobile?


Thank you!