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Headaches with cloning a form

Question asked by Curtis Hart on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Curtis Hart

Hello everyone,


Been searching the past few days and can't seem to find an answer either way for this so I'm opening up to the community for help.


The issue is having to change list values in a drop down across multiple forms.


Example: We have a (small) number of cloned forms, all using a custom Country drop-down field.  As far as I understand, when I clone this form, that Country drop-down instance is independent of everything else in Marketo.


So, if I have 5 clones forms, and suddenly we need to update our Country list I would need to go to all five forms to make the change, correct?


There's no way to have this list centralized somewhere so the forms can call it and we'd only need to change in one place?


Having to keep track of all the forms has become very problematic when needing to make updates to match across all forms that uses a specific field with a drop-down/radio button list. (Especially progressive profiling be nice to define our PP questions and refer to it fgor each form needing to use PP)


Any options or solutions is great appreciated.