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    Multiple Domain Clarification-Help

    Monica Koran

      So I have read, reread, rereread all the documentation in the community about having 2+ domains living in the same Marketo Instance and I cannot understand what I am missing.


      I have requested a CNAME set up with my IT Dept and created a domain alias. (see below NEW CNAME/Alias):


      But I am running into two issues:


      1. When I go to build my LP for the unsub page (for the new domain), it still is pulling my original domain (and CNAME) and then when I try to do a redirect from there....I can't. (See below)

      2. The other issue I am probably missing something on is: Can I track website behavior on both domains?  They are two seperate domains, but you can get to each domain from each domain.  I have added the tracking code to both domains, but it doesn't seem to be working.


      As I mentioned, I am probably either missing something obvious, or I am not understanding something so any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Monica,


          Once you have set a domain alias, you do not need to create redirect rules for all pages.


          The domain alias makes all your LPs available on both domains in Marketo. Therefore, your LP go.collegiseducation.com/CP_Unsubscribe.html becomes available with the URL go2.collegisprofessional.com/CP_Unsubscribe.html


          There is no automated way to get an LP to display in 1 domain rather that in another.


          This idea will give you a good overview on what is possible and what is not: Comprehensive Multi-Domain management . And please vote




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            Sanford Whiteman

            A zone apex (like collegisprofessional.com) *cannot* be used as a Domain Alias. You must use a subdomain (pages.collegisprofessional.com, etc.). This is a DNS rule, not a Marketo-specific rule.


            When you have a Domain Alias, you don't use redirects, just go straight to the page under the new domain.