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Identify Records where Acquisition Date ≠ Created Date

Question asked by Keith Nyberg Expert on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Keith Nyberg

Hey Community,

Anyone have any clever or easy ways to isolate records that have an acquisition date that doesn't match a creation date? I know I have some of these records in my database based on poor older practices and am working to reconcile.

I tried to create a smart list with the filter Acquisition Date ≠ Created At to isolate affected records, but this does not work as the {{lead.Created At}} token is invalid in the Acquisition date filter.

I know I can export my entire DB and audit the acquisition date relative to the creation date, but as my existing DB is nearly 700K people, this will take alot of time and my Macbook will probably crash trying to open the .xls.


Does anyone know of an easier way to isolate these records to correct inconsistencies in MKTO?


I know I can run my entire BD through a smart campaign to set Acquisition Date = Created At but again want to avoid touching all the records in my DB when my gut is only a few thousand are out of sync if any. (this would also majorly backlog my campaign queue)

Let me know what ya got and thanks in advance for reading/engaging in this community.


Keith Nyberg