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Impressions for Multiple Campaigns in Same Visit

Question asked by Kamaljeet Kaur on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hi All,


How does RTP consider the impression and clicks of a campaign when there are more than one campaigns running for the same visitor in the same visit on different pages. Will each campaign gets an individual impression and click if user see both the campaigns OR only the campaign is shown but impression and clicks (if click also happened on both the campaigns in the same visit) are not counted for the second campaign


Example: we have two inzone campaigns named - Inz_Campaign1 and Inz_Campaign2. Campaign1 shows to all visits on the page abc.html and campaign 2 shows up when user comes to xyz.html page. As both the campaigns were shown to the user1 in the same visit on different pages, will both the campaigns (campaign1, and campaign2) gets 1-1 impression.


and now if user clicks on the campaign1 on abc.html (conversion is considered and click is contributed to campaign1), then goes to page xyz.html where he again clicks the campaign2. In this case, will campaign 2 also get the click or only one clicks is considered in one visit.