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Marketo creating duplicates: flow step or expected behavior from marketo?

Question asked by b1fbdcb0a942fb1fd024651e9be410b5f192b60f on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

I was told marketo doesn't de-dupe when the source of the dupe is, but  how does matching work in marketo for making updates? If a contact exists in SFDC and someone fills out a form on our website with the same email address, will marketo update the contact or create new lead? I'm seeing marketo creating a new lead in this scenario and not sure if this is standard or part of our flow or some other issue:


Exact scenario I saw:

1) User fills out form on website at @1:23 and lead created in marketo (marketo does its thing, updating values in marketo - doesn't sync to SFDC for about 10 minutes by design. we need several values to be filled in prior to sync to SFDC )


2) A Contact was then created in SFDC @ 1:27 pm via another application tool (matching contact email address to the lead in marketo)


2) Record (from original form fill) syncs from maketo to SFDC at 1:35. (This is when a dupe lead is created....)



If a contact was created at 1:27, why didn't marketo catch the match of the email address before the 'sync' at 1:35 and then update the contact?  It created a new lead instead.


There is a flow step to sync lead to SFDC (insert ) after several fields are updated from campaigns/flows, but I assumed if there's a match in SFDC, a new record won't get created at that

sync step. In my mind, that data would just be added to the existing contact.


Thanks for your help!