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    Engagement Program email cadence

    Macarena Mazzeo

      Hi All,


      If I have an Engagement Program with 4 emails, scheduled on the cadence to be sent every day. I already received email 3, email 1 is scheduled for tomorrow, which email will I receive today? 2 or 4?


      Email 1 - Scheduled for tomorrow

      Email 2

      Email 3 - Received

      Email 4



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          Devraj Grewal



          Engagement program streams will always send the topmost unsent email first. So if the stream has already sent out Email 3 and Email 1 is only available tomorrow, then Email 2 will be sent next. Tomorrow, Email 1 will be sent since it is only available tomorrow, followed by Email 4 the following day.


          Make a note that engagement streams will only send out the same email once if it is sent from the stream. If a person is sent Email 3 from a smart campaign or email send, they will again receive Email 3 from a stream, but only once in the stream.