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Best way to set up 70+ emails in program?

Question asked by 4bc1418bd351c29e6c6fc50a8eb6be81f13eb65d on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by 4bc1418bd351c29e6c6fc50a8eb6be81f13eb65d
Hi community, 

I'm interested to hear your findings and best practices for setting up a program that has 72 emails (based on 9 languages, 8 emails each). 

The program set up will be time consuming and there's a few ways that I can think of to do it:

1. Segmentations based on language and dynamic content (I feel that this takes just as much time as creating individual emails per language)
2. Setting up an elaborate engagement program (we don't use these channels, but it's worth a shot)
3. Setting up a default email program, cloning each email and replacing HTML 

We're looking for an easily managed process, where we can update when it comes time to switch out copy and images. As you are all aware, setting up 72 emails will be quite a feat!

What are your experiences with follow up email processes like this?