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    Best way to set up 70+ emails in program?

      Hi community, 

      I'm interested to hear your findings and best practices for setting up a program that has 72 emails (based on 9 languages, 8 emails each). 

      The program set up will be time consuming and there's a few ways that I can think of to do it:

      1. Segmentations based on language and dynamic content (I feel that this takes just as much time as creating individual emails per language)
      2. Setting up an elaborate engagement program (we don't use these channels, but it's worth a shot)
      3. Setting up a default email program, cloning each email and replacing HTML 

      We're looking for an easily managed process, where we can update when it comes time to switch out copy and images. As you are all aware, setting up 72 emails will be quite a feat!

      What are your experiences with follow up email processes like this? 
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          Josh Hill
          If this is intended to be a nurturing program, then you might want to setup each Email by Language in a Program that is inserted into the Engagement Stream. This can be done with child Programs or external Programs.

          I agree that using Segmentations and Dynamic content may take the same time for setup, but you'll find it easier to ensure the right people get the correct language email.

          How are the emails broken out? Are they by buyer persona? Stage? That might determine what I'd recommend.

          For example:

          -Stream 1: Early Stage
          --Program 1: Email 1 - dynamic
          --Program 2: Email 2 - dynamic

          this way we don't have to control language directly.

          If you did separate emails by language, you'd probably have to run totally separate language Streams or separate Engagements by Language.

          -Stream 1: English (Default)
          -Stream 2: French
          -Stream 3: Spanish

          So you'd need 1 email for each language.
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            Hi Josh,

            It's a follow up email program for a free tool download for International leads, so they are not broken out by stage or personas, just language. So I'd need 9 different streams of 8 emails total.

            Using an engagement porgram would make it easy to change the order of the emails and transition rules, but over all I think any method would be a lot of work putting together. What do you think is the easiest to manage?