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    Engagement Program report using nested Programs in Stream

    Macarena Mazzeo

      Hi All,


      If I'm using a nested Program within one of my Engagement Program Streams:


      - If the Smart Campaign was activated before the cadence of the Stream runs, will engagement be shown in the Dashboard as part of the Engagement Score (based on membership and success, not base don engagement) for only the time-frame of the Stream is part of or also for before? I'm assuming only for the Stream time-frame?

      - Will any other metrics be shown?



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          Keith Nyberg

          Hey Macarena,

          I created a new blank engagement program and added a program with a smart campaign that has sent tons of emails for us overtime. After adding the program campaign, the dashboard was unaffected.

          This leads me to believe that the engagement program dashboard will only show results for casts that were executed in your engagement program, not outside of it. May be worth verifying with MKTO support, but if your assumption of the campaign metrics showing in the dashboard were true, the dashboard should change its metrics immediately when the new program campaign is added, which did not occur when I just tested. Another thought, the engagement program dashboard would be almost useless if if included campaign sends outside of the program.

          Hope this testing helps!


          Keith Nyberg

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            Dan Stevens.

            Most people who use child programs do so to include additional logic for each send (something that can't be done with simple emails) and to give a more granular level of attribution - at the child program level - for any sort of engagement.  We're in this boat.  And because we report at the child program level - and use the EP just to help automate some of the processes better (moving members in, sending on a regular cadence, transition to different streams, etc.), the dashboard is meaningless to us.  Especially the engagement score.  Don't forget the engagement score - when using child programs - is based on program membership and success status, not email interaction (clicks, opens, unsubscribes).

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