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WebEx Attendee Report and Marketo Program Membership Status Discrepancy

Question asked by Nick LoPorto on Feb 26, 2018

Hi all,


I have checked out numerous topics and helpful posts in the community but for this exact issue, I'm at a loss.


Basically, the WebEx/Marketo Integration was working as we have anticipated but recently our team has been reporting that they see more program members marked "Attended" than they see with that status in their reporting within WebEx. I have examined a sample of the people who have been marked "Attended" in Marketo but not in WebEx. I am seeing what I expected, everyone who has a program status of "Attended" also has the Activity Type "Change Program Status" with the Detail "Updated based on webinar attendance report". This is even if they are not showing up on the report I've pulled from WebEx. This has me a bit baffled, why would Marketo have changed the statuses of these people if WebEx does not show them as attended?


As this is my first post, please let me know if there is additional information I can include to help narrow down what may be the cause of this issue. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.