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Capturing time series data

Question asked by 93f5f45843d80eb71985e9893bee8ac99c6b3d4f on Feb 27, 2018
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I'm new to Marketo and have a question for the community. We have a status segment we use in our email campaigns.  For example we'll send out emails to contacts who are "active", "inactive", or "lapsed".  We'll use smart lists for each segment.  Sometimes they'll get the same creative sometimes its different.


We want to capture the status a contact was in at the time the email was sent and report on it in a scaleable manner. I understand that if we had a campaign and sent an email by segment we would have email delivery metrics by that segment but it seems like it would be a challenge when trying to scale that for many complex campaigns. 


Does anyone have any experience capturing point-in-time data in a contact history file that include a custom field such as "status" in Marketo so that this could be done?  Our attribution is often inferred (e.g., sent email, clicked link, made appointment afterwards) so we need more than just capturing the query string parameters. 


Curious to see if anyone else has faced this challenge (without getting overly detailed) and what kind of solutions may have been implemented.