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Any after-effect to CRM sync if discrepancy between displayed and stored picklist value?

Question asked by Vilji Kavanal on Feb 26, 2018
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In Marketo, for picklist values on a webform, if we decide to not have 'displayed values' but only 'stored values' in place so as to not affect the backend (SFDC), what are the implications? For e.g., if we decide to remove United States from the public facing website to comply to certain policies but have the country in SFDC or any backend that Marketo is synced with, what are the after effects to the bi-directional sync of leads between SFDC and Marketo?


For the future records, there will be no implications. What about the ones that already exist in SFDC with the country 'United States'? Will the CRM sync have any effect on that record if there is no displayed value but stored value to the record?


Thank you in advance.