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REST API | Create Or Update Lead | Company update not allowed

Question asked by ba67afe5c39f829d5f36bef044547321e50c9ec5 on Feb 25, 2018
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I am using REST API for leads' sync with multiple instances of marketo. I am syncing a lead via Leads API call for Create and Update [ ]. It is working fine for most of the instances. But for one of the instance, I am getting "Company update not allowed". I found this in list of record level error codes [ ]. But, there is no further documentation on how to resolve this error. Is it due to some permission issue for particular field? How can I resolve this error?


Sample Service Call:

Sample Request Body: {"action":"createOrUpdate","lookupField":"email","input":[{"phone":"123456","mofEndpointsLeadForm":"abc","state":"Massachusetts","facebookId":"","linkedInId":"","mBDR":"Yes","address2":"","city":"test","mPrimaryBackupDataRecovery":"test","title":"Marketing Manager, Demand Generation","postalCode":"","firstName":"test","twitterDisplayName":"","lastName":"test","email":"","company":"test"}]}

Response: {"requestId":"780c#161ba0dc40e","result":[{"status":"skipped","reasons":[{"code":"1021","message":"Company update not allowed"}]}],"success":true}