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Wrong email sent because of an approval error saying that the email was already open

Question asked by 8e5dd09032e252717a23ba62bc7efa1858607e7b on Feb 21, 2018

We checked the action history and all the emails tests and have concluded that this was most likely a Marketo bug, a wrong email being sent out


All the tests we sent from that Marketo email instance were correct and there were no email code changes recorded in the log since the last test email sent


There was an unusual scenario that did occur though, which is documented in our email trails:


When we right-clicked and approved the email it popped up with an unusual message saying that we couldn't approve it because it was already opened. 5 minutes later I tried right-clicking and approving again and it worked as per normal


The same email then got scheduled with the wrong email even though there was no activity log to show that it was changed, and you can see previously when we had updated it but then in-between the last sending of a test and then approving