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    Using "at least" advanced filters in a smart campaign

    Jen Quirk

      Hi everyone!


      So I am trying to create a trigger email to send out to our existing customers to cross sell some of our products. I want to send out an email with a "round up" of our top resources on a certain topic IF they've visited a number of pages on our site on that particular topic (which tells me they're interested in that topic and could be cross sold to.


      I have at least 5 or 6 web pages on that topic but I want to use some sort of AT LEAST filter... if they are a customer AND they visit AT LEAST 2 out of any of those 5 web pages, then add them to the nurture campaign. What's the best way for me to do this in a smart campaign?



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          Josh Hill

          well, it depends. Triggers may work a bit oddly here, so I'd use a daily batch to be more accurate.


               Visited Web Page IS: any of the 5 pages (because it uses OR in the list)....at least 2 times in Time Frame Z


          But remember, this means they could have visited any 2+ out of 5 pages OR the same page twice.


          An alternative is to setup a smart list like


               Visited Web Page is X


               Visited Web Page IS Y



          to force it to find people who visited all 5 pages...