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Exclude math isn't working out

Question asked by 2568f6665c2f0a9bf4ddeb915232401f1dfe65cb on Feb 20, 2018
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I am sending email for a webinar. I was provided with a static list for the first send (List A with 11,000 contacts) and a new static of those who have registered (List B with 300 contacts). The reminder email should be sent to Member Of List In List A AND Member Of List Not In List B. The resulting number of send should be 8000. I'm getting 10,000


What is the right way to create a smart list from two static lists where one of those is an "exclude from send" list?



Part of the problem here was that quite a few of the members of the "registered" list (list B) were not the original recipients of the first send (list A).
John is the department manager and didn't want to register for the webinar. He thought the information was important to his team so he forwarded the email to Mary, Jill, and Jack who all registered. That skewed the numbers.