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Email Marketing Process

Question asked by Jaime Servaes on Feb 19, 2018

The marketing team at my company has been growing and changing employees, all for the better. But with this growth, I've been struggling with how other companies work flow/process is with multiple people evolved in the Email creation.  So we now have a person who will write the email copy, subject line etc.  Then they pass that off to my and I create the email and campaign in Marketo.  If you have a similar work flow can you tell me if you copy writer needs an email template in order to write the copy? I'm feel like it's a struggle to create an email when someone else has selected a template and is choosing to have many images as copy. I've tried to explain that emails you don't want important information as an image, I still see our audience reading text version of emails or having images turned off in Outlook.  So for optimization, we need certain area's to be html and not an image.


I've also found this more of a struggle with landing pages, as I'll select a template based on what we are promoting. But the copy doesn't layout well in that template and I end up redo my work.


I personally think it makes more sense to write the content you want, then layout into any template that will make it work.  Is this just me? I'd like input from other on how their team works and this could flow more easily.