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    Can I create a new SFDC lead after every form submission.

    Mahurrinah Sims



      We are running into an issue where our inbound reps aren't getting notified when some leads come in because we already have the contact in Salesforce.


      To solve this, I would like to have a new lead created in SFDC after every form submission regardless of whether the contact/lead already exists.


      Is this possible?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Mahurrinah,


          Technically, it's feasible. When you use the "sync lead", assign the person to lead queue explicitely, that will create a new lead.


          BUT, it's a very bad idea, it is going to create a duplicate mess in your database because these same inbound rep's will never do the job of converting / merging these leads correctly. Furthermore, these new leads will have no campaign history, no intersting moment, no score.


          It's better to use an "Inbound sales rep campaign" in SFDC and attach the person to it using an "add to SFDC campaign" flow step. Campaign can contains leads and contacts and will be a perfect container.