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Ads: automate flow with Ad bridge

Question asked by Daniela Ulloa on Feb 15, 2018

I'm interested in learning if anyone has been able to successfully figure out a way to automate ad campaigns with the new Ad bridge--for example Linkedin or Adroll.


I want to do the following:


Use case: encourage leads that clicked on an email invitation to sign-up for the CTA, let it be an event for this case



  • Day 1: Send "save the date" email
  • Wait 5 days
  • If they clicked on Email CTA but did not register = then send to Ad bridge = vendor : Linkedin or Adroll
  • Wait 5 days
  • If not part of Registered list & part of invitation list = send 2nd email invitation
  • If lead registers = remove from campaign in Ad bridge


Has anyone done anything similar? That removes the manual push of lists into the Ad platforms.