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Looking for the best app choice for Facebook Message chat integrating with Marketo

Question asked by Matthew Gomez Expert on Feb 16, 2018

Hi Community,

I am looking for your experiences with various apps that allow Facebook messaging. Our company currently uses Marketo (with Sales Insights) and Salesforce. Requirements are:

  • Integrates well with our existing tech stack
  • Allows sales team to chat with prospects without leaving (or seeming to leave) Salesforce
  • Captures chat communication detail in Marketo Activity Log
  • Assumption: We would send the important chats over to Salesforce via Interesting Moments
  • Assumption: We would use Marketo to create tasks for completed chat sessions in Salesforce


Many apps offer Facebook Messaging, but our requirement to allow sales to chat, and yet capture the chats themselves in Marketo, sounds a little unique to me.

Any insights?