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    Tracking Tokens to Calendly

    Megan Messerly

      When someone clicks the token link in one of my drip emails, it takes them to Calendly to schedule a call with one of our sales team members. I want to track which email drip is resulting in calls scheduled- is there a way to map this with a token? I have the Zapier integration, but am unsure of what kind of field I'd need to create in either Calendly or Marketo.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Sanford Whiteman

          When someone clicks a Calendly link, it automatically stores these query params as part of the event:


          • utm_campaign
          • utm_term
          • utm_content
          • utm_source
          • salesforce_uuid
          • utm_medium


          There are at least 4 ways to use this information in Marketo w/Zapier:


          [1] in a Marketo "Create or Upload Lead" action you can tell it to map those fields back to Marketo fields.  I would recommend your Marketo fields be string fields like LastCalendlyCampaign, LastCalendlySource, etc. since they will be overwritten.


          [2] use a Marketo "Add Lead to List" action but condition it on a Zapier filter, so you add to a specific list based on Calendly information:


          [3] use the other Zapier actions, like Formatter, to translate the UTM codes into List IDs, then use "Add Lead to List"


          [4] other methods, like calling a webhook to simulate a Marketo form post