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"Lead Was Deleted from SFDC" removed a person that was DEFINITELY in Salesforce.  What's up with that?

Question asked by Aaron Dear on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by Mark McGriff

Hey all - weird question. This is the first time I've had this problem.

I ran a batch campaign yesterday (Feb 13):

  • Smartlist: Lead Was Deleted from SFDC within the past 120 days.
  • Flow: Delete Person - Remove from CRM = TRUE


I got a slack message this morning (Feb 14) asking about where a contact had gone. She had a name and email address. I know I ran that batch campaign, so I checked the Salesforce Recycle Bin. Sure enough, he was in the Recycle Bin - deleted by the Marketo sync user.


This opens up a few questions...

  1. He had the "Lead Was Deleted from SFDC" activity, hence why he showed up in the smartlist. But he wasn't deleted from SFDC. What circumstances can this occur? Answer: "Lead was deleted from SFDC" queries based on the activity occurring. It is not a reference to a state of deletion ("this person WAS deleted", not "this person IS deleted")
  2. I recall others' activity logs stating errors around "Failing to update SFDC record" because "record did not exist" (I'm paraphrasing).  However, that person definitely existed in SFDC. How can disconnects like this occur?
  3. Can I trust "Lead was Deleted from SFDC"? I used to batch these every day at a prior company, but now I'm hesitant. Answer: NOT if I'm expecting everyone who shows up to be currently deleted - only that they WERE deleted at some point.