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"Change Data Value" event not logged when lead is created via form fillout

Question asked by Elena S on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Gerard Donnelly

Hi all,

When a net new person is created via Marketo form fillout, are their field value changes supposed to appear in the person's activity log as "Change Data Value" events?

Like in

3 -- Change Data Value: "First Name" from [null] to 'John'

2 -- Change Data Value: "Email Address" from [null] to ''

1 -- Filled out form {FormName}

0 -- Person is created (via form fillout)


Right now this is not happening for us, and triggered campaigns listening to field value changes don't get triggered in this case either;

I guess these people will be also missing in search by "Data Value Changed" filter, because from Marketo's point of view there was no data value change, right?

I'm wondering whether this is due to some wrong settings on our side, or just a normal Marketo thing.