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Engagement Programs and Wait Steps

Question asked by 981de0b84219d3ac0408cbb4689cfbc7e0c71f69 on Feb 14, 2018
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Hi all,

I've been asked by my sales leadership to recreate, as best as possible, a lot of the functionality that is in SalesLoft in Marketo.  We're sending "cadence" style emails, so to handle that I've had to create a bit a of monster engagement program.


I'm having issues removing people from receiving further emails and I'm not sure why.


The program transitions people using this flow step:


and during that "wait" time, a sales rep, in SFDC, can move them out from receiving another communication by using the following:



The only thing I can think is that the lead is not considered a member in the program when the lead in the stream is in exhausted status because I get this (read the top two lines as well):


Any Thoughts?