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Move leads to new stream when exhausted

Question asked by Elizabeth Dack on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Jim Thao



I am currently setting up nurture programs and I plan to have three streams: top of funnel content, middle, and bottom. My plan is to move leads through the top of funnel content and of course transition them to middle or bottom when they qualify for the transition rule. However, I'm sure there will be many leads that will exhaust all content in the top of funnel stream and never transition to the middle or bottom content. What are some best practices for moving these leads to the next step? I was thinking of creating a transition rule that would move leads who have exhausted all content to another stream with more top of funnel content that distributes the content less frequently.


Does anyone know of how I could set this up? I can't find any transition rules that include a trigger when a lead exhausts all content to then move them to another stream.