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ABM: Marketing to Customers Who Recently Leave to A New Role

Question asked by Spencer Phillips on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by 20b8e5237ff806d38ffb01122a1abba990f2d9b4

Hi all,


I have a question related to an ABM project I'm looking to undertake at my company.


The goal and strategy: Reach out to existing contacts who have just moved on to a new role at new company. The idea is for sales to reach out with a congratulatory note / steps for success in their new role / etc.


The issue: The flow of data to achieve said messaging.


In thinking through how this would work I initially thought about using LinkedIn Sales Nav, manually following all of our customers as leads (a manual, exhaustive process), then once I receive a job change alert, I'd find their new email address using a tool like and have sales reach out.


In doing more research it seems like the Marketo Tout App Linkedin Sales Navigator integration could streamline this process somewhat.


I'm curious if anyone else is taking a similar approach to reaching out to people who have recently moved to new jobs, and if so, what platforms are they using to automate this flow.


Thank you,