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Changing engagement program stream

Question asked by Pierre Lintzer on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Trish Voskovitch


I'm having difficulty transitioning leads from one stream to another in an engagement program.

I have 2 streams, one "Awareness" and one "Investigate and Compare". I want the leads to transition to the second one once the content in the first one is exhausted.

Here is a screen shot of my setup:

The 73 exhausted leads did not transition to the 2nd stream.

Now even more confusing, I set up a smart campaign to "manually" move leads to the other stream, with the below settings:

Smart List:


and in the Schedule tab, I see that 0 people will be affected by the smart campaign, when I am expecting to see 73:


Anyone has any idea what I could be missing?