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Setting Up an Interesting Moment Notification when someone clicks a specific link

Question asked by Nick Leonard on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Nick Leonard

Okay, so let me try and explain this as best as possible...


I want to set up an Interesting Moment smart campaign, which, when triggered, will create an interesting moment that captures the clicked link detail.


Currently, my Smart List is set up with the trigger "Clicks Link on Web Page", with Link Name contains: "/resource/example".


The flow step is as follows:

1. Interesting Moment: Type: Web : Description: {{trigger.Link}}


However, when I hover over the trigger, it is telling me "Token key not found".  I use this same trigger for link clicks within an email and it provides the detail of the link clicked, but in this case, it just comes back with an error (Skipped Choice seen below)


When I run a test and I click the link I am trying to get the details for, it shows up in my activity history under "activity type" and "detail" (See below).  How do I get that detail to trigger in my smart campaign?


Example Marketo.png