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Date of Activity constraints with Triggers

Question asked by 194901a8667cca9ec5981a6ceefbf86bafea1c48 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Josh Hill

When a person is created, their lead status changes after 15 minutes because other programs need to run. 


I want to create a smart campaign of ALL newly created people with their new status for nurturing. I can't run the "Person is Created" trigger, because their info is not yet fully updated. Can I create a constraint = "Date of Activity = In Past 2 Hours"?  Does it delay the trigger by 2 hours, which would allow time for the data to be updated? 


If not, what's the best way to run a trigger off of someone that was created in the last 2 hours?  I don't want to run 12 different batch smart campaigns every 2 hours every day if I don't have to.