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    Consent to process logic

    Gabby Fajfer

      Hi All,


      When Marketo support doesn't come back with solution you know its time to bring it to Community...


      I created 3 fields to gather consent:

      consent to process (Boolean field)

      consent data and time (datetime field)

      consent note (text field)



      Logic is :

      Trigger - data value change consent to process -true


      Flow action : change data value for consent date time With {{system.dateTime}}

                           change data value :if form fill out is any consent note update with {{lead.Registration Source Info}}


      I created form including consent to process field, but it doesn't work. Form also contain marketing opt in field and same logic as consent. None of the fields which have those tokens updates fields consent date time consent note.


      Weird thing is that I have preference centre running on the same logic and it does work for preference centre but not for consent or marketing opt in.


      Do you guys have any advices ? maybe you have better logic to gather consents on your forms?


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          Keith Nyberg

          Hey Gabby,

          Can you clarify the issue that you are seeing? Is it that your smart campaign is not being triggered by the boolean data value change? Or is the boolean token not working with you try to add to consent notes?

          Please elaborate so we can help ya. Also double check the schedule cadence to ensure the record can run through the campaign multiple times as opposed to once... if you're testing with the same record, that campaign restriction could be what is causing problems....


          Keith Nyberg

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            Josh Hill

            What does the log say?


            Are these leads existing?