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Landing Page Performance: Landing Page vs. Thank You Page

Question asked by toby johnson on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Gerard Donnelly

Hi All, wondering if anyone else has run into this scenario before.


I am consistently pulling landing page performance reports to monitor and report on conversion rates.  However, included in this report are both the Landing Pages as well as the corresponding Thank You pages.  I typically have to export the report and manually remove all of the rows containing Thank You pages.


I know I can manually select which pages I want to view from the setup tab, but in some cases there are over 1000 pages to sort through - not a very good use of time (easier to export all and delete rows from excel).


Has anyone run into this before?  Is there a filter I can add to this report that Im missing?  Is there a way that we can tag landing pages differently from thank you pages?




Mike Pritts