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Using Redirect rules with utm parameters

Question asked by James Glavin on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by James Glavin

Hi all,


I'm making use of Marketo's redirect rules to use a short URL for a print ad to direct to the landing page. I want the resulting URL to contain utm data. In order to do this, when setting up the URL rule I have to say that I'm using a non-Marketo landing page and use the full URL, rather than just selecting the landing page from the drop down.


So the rule directs from to


This seems to works fine, but my question is - is there any impact in telling Marketo that I'm redirecting to a non-Marketo page, even though it is a Marketo landing page? Do I lose any tracking data? Is this screwing anything up in the back end? Testing seems to work OK, but before I roll this out I'd love the benefit of everyone's experience!