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    update a counter on a lead

    Pace McCulloch

      Does anyone have experience using a form to store an ongoing variable on a lead?


      For example a landing page with a form on it:

      Tell us how often you eat food? [textfield-meal]


      On submit don't replace the previous value with the new value, but add the previous value with the new?

      Then return/email the user, your new meal count is old value + new value from form submission


      Any links to dev docs would be helpful.


      My current thought is to have hidden fields. 2 hidden fields to do the math.

      Prefill a hidden 'old value' from lead data

      Have a 'new value' field that on submit adds the form textfield to the old value field.

      So each form submit would actually submit the meal textfield and the new-value running total.


      Then I could use the running total value in a thank you email. Thoughts?