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    Registration Error...Is there a fix?

    Kevin McMahon

      I've read through multiple discussions on registration error, but haven't found a solution to the problem. I don't understand why it even happens; it seems to happen randomly with no real pattern.


      We use GTW and it seems to happen even when the connection with Marketo is active. Has anyone found the reason for this?


      I've read it can also happen when the required fields are not filled out (First, Last, and Company) but our webinar forms require these three fields. Plus I've seen leads with all those fields populated still end up with the wrong status.


      Here is the error I always see but can't seem to figure out why it's happening:


      Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 8.41.07 AM.png


      Has anyone else been able to diagnose this error?




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          Josh Hill

          Did you ask Support?


          If you click on the # there, does it say more about it?


          If you check the fields in question, is the string too long for GTW?

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              Kevin McMahon

              Hi Josh,


              I have not reached out to Support yet but will if I can't find a solution here.


              The # doesn't give any more info.


              I can't imagine the string being too long for GTW. I have people who first entered our database through the webinar form so are only asked Name, email, and company and have standard values in there (such as Mark Eto, Marketo, meto@marketo.com) that have that same error.

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              Kevin McMahon

              Posting a quick update:


              I looked through the different error codes that cause registration error in our instance and can't find a single root cause. We get quite a few for our larger webinars and the field team is tired of continually manually changing these people. So, I've decided to just add a flow step as part of each program to automatically switch people from Registration Error to Registered.


              Been doing this for a couple weeks so far and haven't found an issue yet.

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                Marija Milanova

                Hi Kevin,


                I had the same issue yesterday, and the same Error message as you have provided in the screenshot. I asked Marketo support and they have been very helpful. In my case, the form fields First Name and Last Name were progressive profiling, and I changed they to always be visible. GTW needs all three in order to get the registered status. Please check that.