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Curious Behavior: Users starting web journey from Unsubscribe link

Question asked by Frank Elley on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Frank Elley

I see this too often for it to be a fluke:


- Recipient of nurture email or one-off promotional email uses the Unsubscribe link.


- Does not unsubscribe. Instead, travels to home page, demo page, etc. Then leaves.


- Repeats same behavior in subsequent days.


I've ruled this out:


- The unsubscribe page is working, so it's not a case of a frustrated user trying to successfully unsubscribe.

- The unsubscribe link is tucked at the bottom in small type, as we all do. No accidental clicks.

- The unsub page is bare bones ... nothing to entice the visitor not to submit but to explore further.

- Marketo logging website visits out of sequence won't explain it. That is, maybe "unsub" was the last page visit, not the first as it appears to be. But there's no direct way from any of the content pages being visited to get to unsub.


Another relevant factoid: This is not a random thing. I've seen this on dozens of leads in a week's time.


Is there some new weird "advice" out there to only use the unsub link to visit a site to perhaps mask your interest? Am I missing something obvious?


While pondering over this and realizing I might not ever come up with a provable explanation ... I'm trying to decide what type of retargeting might be appropriate for this growing group of oddly behaving web visitors.