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Unleash your Marketo data into a dashboard you can share with your entire team!

Question asked by Phil Gamache on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Phil Gamache

As a Marketo power user, you know life isn’t always easy. And it’s even harder to get data out of Marketo. In the blog below, I show you how Marketo data doesn’t have to be hard to get and your results can be much more visually appealing.

Instead of reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis on the impact of my Marketo nurture campaigns, I wanted an easier way to display and share this data with my team and my boss.

Answering quick questions like “How many leads from this nurture started a trial?” and “How many of those trials converted into customers?” are all questions that typically require quite a bit of digging inside of Marketo.

Besides, having the ability to showcase your personal impact on the business is always powerful.

Curious to hear your comments!

How to use Marketo data to build a dashboard your team can monitor |