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    Historical reporting on multiple transactions

    John Lane

      Hi All,


      Does anyone have any tips or resources to help on setting up a marketing success metric where there can be multiple successes over time from the same person? Example, if I define success as a transaction, but this can happen multiple times for the one person or potentially have incremental monetary value associated with these transactions which ideally would like to keep historical data on.


      I was thinking to add in two fields on the person level with Transaction Flag and Most recent transaction date. My proposed structure of transaction flag and a most recent transaction date will be limited to the one field container and overwritten with multiple transactions over time I will lose historical data apart from program member status if I ran triggered smart campaign to capture the data change at that point in time during the program.


      Ideally, it would be good not to use a custom object to keep the 1:M relationship between person and transactions to reduce complexity and increase the speed of execution.




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi John


          There are various techniques you can use and combine:


          A date field, as you mentioned. You always can use the "data value changed" filter with some constraints to identify some dates.


          A score field that you will increment (+1) each time a transaction occurs. That will give you a counter that you can query very rapidly.


          A text area field in which you can store transactions records in a JSON format. You will be able to store there more details, including the date, but also some values about the transaction itself, similarly to a custom object. Search the community for "json field", and you will find some interesting things on how to set and use them.



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