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    SEO Channel?

    Katie Blakey

      My team is interested in adding SEO as a channel in Marketo so that we can tie our SEO-related efforts directly to leads and track ROI. Most of the recommendations I've seen for tracking SEO success is related search traffic and SERP position over time (reported in Google Analytics), not anything to do with tracking actual leads and conversions/acquisitions in Marketo.


      Has anyone been able to do this in Marketo, or have you had to use another tool/vendor for this?



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          Nadish Nair

          Hello Katie,


          Could you please elaborate your use case so that I can suggest a better solution.

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            Dan Stevens.

            The typical solution is to define a specific SEO channel, along with the necessary program statuses - for example:


            • Ad served - touched
            • Clicked ad - visited landing page
            • Filled out form
            • Engaged - downloaded


            And then create a dedicated program using this channel to report on attribution within the channel.  You'll need to also use another platform like Google Analytics to measure true ROI since Marketo will only give you the KNOWN activity.  You'll need to couple this with other data that's not contained in Marketo like number of impressions, number of clicks, cost-per-impression, cost-per-click, etc.  There are existing posts on the community that provide instruction on how to integrate Marketo with GA - for example:


            Seamless Marketo - Google Analytics Integration

            Integrating Google Analytics with Marketo

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              Timothy Muro

              I would set default UTM (URL) parameters on your forms to tag any organic conversions accordingly. Assuming that you are tracking all of your paid media campaigns with UTMs. This way, if UTM values are empty, organic will get the credit as other other inbound media should push the existing UTM through.