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Marketo-SFDC program sync:  no sync occurring automatically? SFDC field validation rule earlier preventing sync?

Question asked by Aaron Dear on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Amanda Thomas

Hey all - question about the Marketo-SFDC program sync.


I have a Marketo program with registrants to an event. It was synced to a SFDC campaign. There were about 40 members in the program, but only 7 members in the SFDC campaign.

I noticed they had a validation error earlier - I changed the offending field (without a Sync to SFDC flowstep), expecting global sync would push these guys to SFDC eventually.


It was 3 weeks later, that we noticed they weren't in SFDC. My understanding was the the sync was bidirectional for program/campaign members:

Marketo program members and their progression statuses are kept in sync with the Salesforce campaign members and campaign member statues. This is a bidirectional sync, so any changes made in either Marketo or Salesforce are reflected in both systems. (source)

I thought to myself - maybe there was another validation rule issue. So I chose my program members and synced them to SFDC. Went off without a hitch - no errors or validation rules blocking me.


So... my questions:

  1. Does a previously failed sync attempt (due to validation rule) then nullify the system's desire to attempt a global sync on a particular person? or
  2. Do programs NOT sync over everyone globally under some circumstances, even if synced to a SFDC campaign?


I'll be adding a support ticket as well - but wanted to see if anyone here had expertise on this.