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    Link tracking on web page not working

    Nick Altenburg

      We have a resource page set up with a munchkin code that contains links to PDFs. I set up a trigger campaign that is set up as follows:


      Clicks link on Web Page

      Link name: contains = (name of PDF, in the URL name when you hover the mouse over)

      Web Page: is: (the webpage with a munchkin code - no query string)

      Querystring: contains = (city name)


      I know that you can't track PDFs, but can you track clicks that open PDFs?

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          Dan Stevens

          Nick - has the web page/link to the PDF been recently deployed?  If so, you need to have at least one activity in Marketo so that it can report on it.  Did you make some test clicks on the page?


          What specific value did you enter for "web page is"?  If you can include a screenshot of the smart list, it would be easier to diagnose.

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              Nick Altenburg

              Hi Dan,


              Yes, the page was recently deployed and I tried testing clicking on the page after I activated the following trigger, but cannot see any click activity.


              Link name contains: downloads.buffiniandcompany.com/documents/resources/Great-Reasons-To-Call.pdf

              Web page is: www.buffiniandcompany.com/events/2018-gamechangers/resources.aspx - Gated page. Form fill outs are successfully being tracked with Web Page is: as a constraint.


              I think the reason it isn't working is because I am trying to track a PDF, but wanted a second opinion.


              If there is a way to do this, I am open for suggestions!