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    Re-add to nurture campagin

    Bruce Bailey

      Howdy everyone!

      I have a 3 stream nurture campaign running.  I would like to add a new campaign that would take any users that have exhausted content in stream 1 more that 180 days ago and add them back in to the beginning. 

      I started creating my smartlist with:


      Member of Engagement Program: True

      Exhausted Content: True

      Program is: PROGRAM NAME

      Stream is: Nurture Stream (stream 1)


      Then I added in:

      Was sent email

      Email is: Last email in stream 1

      Date of activity.... this is where my issue is.  I can't figure out how to say 180 days or more and keep it fluid and run this once a week


      Any thoughts? I may not even thinking about this in the right way.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Grant Booth

          Hi Bruce,


          I believe you want to use "Not Was Sent Email" rather than "Was Sent Email". The former will make sure they were NOT sent one of the listed emails during the specified timeframe, where as the latter makes sure they WERE sent the email during that time frame.


          HOWEVER - be aware that an engagement program will never send the same piece of content twice (based on the asset's ID I believe). When the cast runs, it will check email by email until it finds one the lead has never received before - and if they've already received everything in the stream, it won't send them anything and will mark them as exhausted.



          Alternatively, you might try cloning the emails (so the emails have new IDs and are seen as "new" by the system) and putting them in a new stream, then move the leads into the new stream instead.


          I hope that helps,

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              Bruce Bailey

              Totally forgot about the "only send once" rule of the engagement program... great point.


              As far as the "Was Sent Email".. I was using that as a baseline to say ok, this user got the last email in that stream and was hoping  I could jump off the date of that email being sent to count my 180days.


              Creating the new stream is a perfect idea... so once they are exhausted I will move them to that new stream.. where do you think I would put the 180 delay on sending the new stream to them?

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                  JD Nelson

                  Assuming you put them in the second stream utilizing a SC and not the transition rules, you can just have a wait step for 180 days after your last piece of content was sent

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                    Grant Booth

                    I see your thinking Bruce, but if they're marked as exhausted, that guarantees they already got all of those emails. So you don't need to confirm they *did* receive an email more than 180 days ago, just that they did *not* receive one of the emails in the past 180 days. I try to set up activity filters so they search as narrow and recent of a timeframe as possible, as that improves the speed of smart lists.