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    Michael Collins

      Just looking at this product with our Sales teams...

      I'm wondering whether having what could be mass-email sends from Salesreps to Salesforce Lead/Contact records coming direct from our Company Outlook servers - does this have any impact on deliverability...and assuming they don't require an opt-in or opt-out - again, does this damage us given the advent of GDPR...

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          Josh Hill

          It does. It blows up your corp server and IP. Don't do it. We had big issues when sales gets to send mass emails w/o any list management.


          For GDPR, you would have to have opted in leads to allow SLFT use.


          You can partially control this with fields, however, you need a mops person to manage the lists and SLFT integration rules. Do not let Sales just do whatever.

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            Dory Viscogliosi

            +1 on everything Josh said. You need to work closely with your sales ops and sales enablement teams to ensure that sales understands the importance of only communicating with people who have opted in to receive communications. Additionally (and sorry for throwing this in since you really didn't ask), ALL commercially focused emails should contain an opt-out link.