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Race condition for unique program token value

Question asked by fafa840a40cb4df22a9b6b7727563aeda6d52282 on Feb 5, 2018
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Here is my usecase.


There is a program token defined as {{my.invitationUrl}} which is a placeholder in the Campaign -> Flow -> Send Email.

So while triggering the Campaign through REST API, I pass leadId (for example : 123) and value for this token {{my.invitationUrl}} (for example : abcdef).

So when 'Send Email' execution happens for leadId (123) , the email template will have the value 'abcdef'.


Here {{my.invitationUrl}} value is different for each leadId. It's a unique link.


Now I am calling the Trigger Campaign REST API from 5 threads in parallel, with each API call having different leadId and different token {{my.invitationUrl}} value.


Now the 'Send Email' process execution will be in parallel and they all share the common program token.


So my question is, will be there any chance that 'my.invitationUrl' value of one leadId will go in email template of another leadId ?

As it's a common program token and multiple trigger campaign API calls will overwrite this token value.